Police Pull Over Greyhound Bus After Erratic Driving On I-40

Police Pull Over Greyhound Bus After Erratic Driving On I-40

CREATED Mar 2, 2014

by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Passengers on a Greyhound bus this weekend are trying to figure out why they said their bus driver was swerving on Interstate 40 eastbound past Fairview early Sunday morning before finally being pulled over by a police officer.

Officials with the Fairview Police Department said passengers on that bus started calling 911 after the driver refused to pull over at first after crossing over several rumble strips.

Police tailed the bus all the way on I-40 to Bellevue where they decided to pull the bus over.

Fairview police said the driver, who has yet to be identified, failed a field sobriety test, but officers say that could have been because the driver was sleepy.

Passengers said they are just glad they were able to safely get off that bus.

"I filled out an incident report on the driver and mailed it to the corporate office because I want to see what plans they're going to take, if they'll suspend him, or fire him," said Marcus Holman, a passenger on the Greyhound bus.

It's not clear whether the driver was arrested or cited for anything.  Greyhound has not returned NewsChannel 5's calls for comment.  Another Greyhound driver was called to take the bus passengers to the Nashville bus station.

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