A Soldier's Bond Continues After Retirement

A Soldier's Bond Continues After Retirement

CREATED Feb 28, 2014

by Marcus Washington

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - All soldiers have a bond and one soldier you're about to meet said, whether you are in the sands of war or home on American soil, the common interest of helping your fellow soldier never stops.

Friday is move-in day the Chinnis family and Lori can't wait to show you her new home. To get to this day has not been easy, but made possible with one realtor and fellow soldier's help.

Lori's story starts when she retired from the military in 2010.

"I was medically discharged from the military for a fractured spine, traumatic brain injury and PTSD," she said.

Because of her injuries she needed help around the house and with her children while her husband was at work, so her sister and two kids moved-in, taking a family of five to a family eight.

Fellow retired military soldier, now realtor Angela Jernigan, went above her job title to help this family in need.

"She's worked so hard getting us this. She also bought all my kids furniture for all their bedrooms; everything out of her own pocket," said Chinnis.

Jernigan who retired after 22 years in the military said the military is a sense of community and helping her fellow veterans continues that sense of community.

"Me being able to do these kinds of things and hopefully make my clients my family again, is how I think I can do that," said Jernigan.

"She is all about soldiers because she was a soldier," said Chinnis. "I can never repay her and I am just thankful for her."

The owner agreed to allow the Chinnis family to move in this weekend while they have family is in town, even though they don't actually close on the house until Monday.

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