Mother Of Crash Victim Speaks Out After GM Recall

Mother Of Crash Victim Speaks Out After GM Recall

CREATED Feb 27, 2014

by Jason Lamb

ADAMS, Tenn. – A Middle Tennessee woman is speaking out after General Motors decided this week to expand its recall of vehicles with faulty ignition switches.

Shannon Wooten lost her son Joshua in a crash in 2009. She said their 2006 Chevy Cobalt had been experiencing some ignition issues, but they thought they had gotten them fixed just months before the crash that killed Joshua.

GM has been criticized in recent days for not exposing the ignition problems sooner, saying the company knew about problems as early as 2004.

Even though the final death report didn't conclusively say the crash that killed Joshua was caused by those specific ignition problems, Shannon said had GM issued a recall earlier, she never would have let Joshua use the car.

"If I would have gotten some kind of recall in the mail on it, I would have done something differently," Shannon said. "I never would have put my son in the vehicle knowing the steering column was going to lock up."

GM first announced a recall of about 800,000 cars two weeks ago.

It was just this week that the company expanded the recall to 1.6 million vehicles.

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