Former PTA President Who Stole In Trouble Again

Former PTA President Who Stole In Trouble Again

CREATED Feb 27, 2014

by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Many people will remember Julie Buchanan. She is the blonde former Granbery Elementary PTA president who pleaded guilty seven years ago to embezzling nearly $160,000 from the PTA fund.

Part of the money taken was to help a student who was a cancer patient and later died.  Buchanan was accused of spending the money on plastic surgery, cruises, lavish parties and many felt she never seemed to get that she had done something wrong.

At sentencing, the judge could not hide his contempt.

"I find that this offense is reprehensible," said Judge Mark Fishburn at the time.

Since then Buchanan has been in and out of prison and most recently free on probation.Then just this month she was charged with writing thousands of dollars worth of bad checks, some of them written to her very own lawyer who was defending her.

Free At Last Bail Bonding agreed to post Buchanan's $75,000 bond, but then she disappeared.

"It caused me some concern when we could not get hold of her," said Greg Sanford, co-owner of the bonding company.

Sanford believes Buchanan left Nashville for Orlando, Florida, with her pilot boyfriend and then she planned to escape U.S. jurisdiction to the Bahamas.

"Her boyfriend works for a major airline and she was going to trick him into flying her down there and then ditching him once she got down there," said Sanford.

Sanford contacted Florida authorities who arrested Buchanan at her boyfriend's condo. She'll be returned to Nashville to face felony charges.

If she is convicted of these latest fraud charges she could serve a long prison sentence with no probation.

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