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New Plan Could Mean Big Changes For Metro Schools

New Plan Could Mean Big Changes For Metro Schools

CREATED Feb 24, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A few of the most iconic schools in the Metro Nashville Public School System could see big changes, thanks to a new plan devised by officials. 

District leaders are currently in the early stages of a six year master plan that could mean some schools are renovated or even move locations all together.

Hillsboro High School, for instance, has seen the Green Hills area explode all around it. The school sits on very valuable land and district leaders are studying how they can renovate or change it. 

Officials are also looking at Hillwood High School in West Meade, which, just like Hillsboro, is now an academy-based high school. The school's old layout, that's been renovated and added onto over the years, just isn't cutting it today.

"We're just going to look at the whole thing and see what needs to be done to service the students at Hillsboro and the programs they have," said Joe Bass with MNPS.

The problem is, it's simply too early to know the fate of the schools since it could take a few months to complete a Master Site Plan for each campus. District leaders said whatever the outcome, it will mean a better place for students and teachers.

"We have this piece of property. We have a building on top of the piece of property," said Bass. "What is the most efficient and best use of that property and of those facilities to serve the students, to serve the community and to serve the program the school offers?"

School officials said they'll also be studying Hume-Fogg's downtown campus, as well to determine what they can do to get kids out of portable classrooms and into buildings. Currently Metro Schools uses 350 portables classrooms across the district.