Police Interview With Alleged Vanderbilt Rape Victim, Suspect

Police Interview With Alleged Vanderbilt Rape Victim, Suspect

CREATED Feb 25, 2014

by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - NewsChannel 5 obtained copies of the police supplementary report summarizing interviews with the alleged victim and one of the suspects in the Vanderbilt rape case.

The report provides their recollections of what really happened inside the Gillette House dormitory on the Vanderbilt campus.

Prosecutors said four former football players raped a 21-year-old student in a dorm room last June. Vandenburg denies the accusations.

"These allegations are ridiculous ... I'm completely innocent and I believe the truth will come out," said Vandenburg.

He and the alleged victim both talked to investigators. The interviews were conducted seven days after what happened in the dorm. And it is their memory from that night.

Of the night in question the alleged victim told police she: "... had gone to a bar and met Vandenburg ... She had been dating him approximately two weeks ... She became intoxicated."

The woman then told police Vandenburg took her back to his dorm.

She said: "... she had been drinking heavily and has very little or no memory of the events that took place."

Was she raped? She "advised she does not think she was sexually assaulted."

The woman told police she "did not feel like she had sex ..." and "she trusted Vandenburg and he would not let anything happen to her."

The alleged victim also said she had "consensual sex with him within a few days following the incident."

NewsChannel 5 legal analyst Nick Leonardo said her statements will likely be part of the evidence.

"This definitely could turn up at trial," said Leonardo.

One of the suspects -- Brandon Vandenburg interviewed with police the very same day as the alleged victim. He confirmed they met at the bar and then the two went back to campus.

It's there that Vandenburg said he ran into the three other co-defendants.

"Cory Batey, Brandon Banks and Tip McKenzie were outside the dorm and he asked them to help get her to his room. They carried her to his room and put her on the floor."

Vandenburg said the others then "began slapping her on the butt"... and touching her genitals. He told police he "took video of such with his cell phone."

Vandenburg also told police Cory urinated on the victim "while making a racial remark."

Vandenburg "denied having sex with or touching the woman while she was in the dorm room."
The details in these interviews -- along with surveillance video from the dorm and the cell phone video shot by Vandenburg-- will make up much of the key evidence in the criminal case.

The trial is scheduled for August.

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