Accused Bomber's Connection To House Fires Questioned

Accused Bomber's Connection To House Fires Questioned

CREATED Feb 20, 2014

by Todd Walker

LEBANON, Tenn - Richard Parker, the man accused of planting a bomb which killed his in-laws earlier this month, already has a known arson conviction from 1993.

Now it's been revealed Parker can be connected to two other fires that some call suspicious.

David Hughen has lived next door to the Parker family since the Parker's moved in several years ago.

Hughen said Parker told him he built his home on the Setzer's property because his family's prior home in Mt. Juliet burned down.

Hughen said Parker built the Lebanon home entirely himself.

Before Parker officially closed on the home in 2006 or 2007, Hughen said the family was already living in it with no furniture. He said they left for church one day, and minutes later Hughen and his wife spotted smoke coming from the home.

The Hughens called 911, but by the time the fire was put out there was serious damage to the home.

"I was telling my wife, I said 'this is very tough for this fella and his family,'" Hughen said. "They've had a fire in Mt. Juliet and they just built this house and they've had another fire."

Hughen said it took months for Parker to make repairs on his home.

Once the home was rebuilt Hughen said he asked about the cause of the fire.

"He said, 'yeah they are pretty sure it was the heating and air company,'" Hughen recounted. "'They put a split system in the house and the system that was in the attic caused the fire.' My response was 'Well it wouldn't have been on.' His response was 'well they obviously miswired it.' And I just thought it was extremely odd."

Parker was never linked by officials to either of the fires at his home.

He was arraigned Tuesday, and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him, including two counts of first degree murder.