Gallatin Shootings Investigated As Murder-Suicide

Gallatin Shootings Investigated As Murder-Suicide

CREATED Feb 21, 2014

GALLATIN, Tenn. - Police in Gallatin said they are investigating the deaths of a couple found shot to death at an apartment complex Wednesday as a murder-suicide.

Officers were called to a possible shooting at Wellington Farms Apartments on Big Station Camp Road shortly before 4 p.m. When they arrived, they discovered the bodies of Christopher and Kaitlyn Wilchenski inside an apartment in building 14.

The couple was in the process of getting a divorce, according to investigators. Neighbors told police that they had heard arguing at the couple's apartment earlier.

Police said Kaitlyn sustained multiple gun shots to the head and Christopher sustained a single gunshot to the head. A large caliber handgun was recovered at the scene.

Investigators did not indicate who was believed to be the shooter.

Neighbors who live at the apartment complex said they have heard arguments in the past, coming from inside that apartment.

"I would just hear screaming, I am not sure about what exactly, just a lot of cuss words and stuff. But I just put it off, put if off, put it off," said Brook Smith.

Smith talked to the person who lives in the apartment under the unit where police found the victims. Smith said he told her he heard a loud argument around 2 p.m..

"Some loud yelling, fighting about 'you're not taking the dog, I'm taking the dog,' something to that effect," Smith explained.

She said her neighbor then heard a loud thump on the floor above him.

"It was so loud that it vibrated the chandelier that hang in the apartment complex, and that's when he heard a second one," Smith explained.