Conference Brings Foster Children To Families

Conference Brings Foster Children To Families

CREATED Feb 18, 2014

by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A conference in Brentwood has been pushing to bring nearly 300 children in Tennessee who are available for adoption, closer to families looking to open their homes.

There is no one way to create a loving family.

"I think we chose to adopt because we just saw the incredible need of all the kids that are sitting in the foster care system. It's been just a blessing," said Terri Moore.

From this video presentation provided by icareaboutorphans.org, John and Terri Moore explain their decision to adopt six children.

"The original plan was we were going to adopt two kids and have two biological kids. Over the years we started adopting kids and realized there is a huge need out there," said John.

The will to open your home to a child looking for a loving family was what Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood hoped for when they agreed to host Focus on Family's Wait No More conference.

"Right now there [are] 254 kids in Tennessee whose parental rights have been terminated and they need homes," said Marty Schwieterman with Fellowship Bible Church.

With the state department of children services short staffed and low on funds, offering adoption informational conferences is not possible.

To help bring loving families to children looking for parents, the group called Focus on Families stepped is offering the free conference.

"This conference is intended to help people take their next step, whatever their next step is. For some, we are hoping it will be adoption," said Schwieterman.

Saturday morning, February 22, a free conference will be held here at Fellowship Bible Church's sanctuary at 1210 Franklin Road in Brentwood, Tenn.

"So we're going to have every kind of opportunity for people to figure out how they can either put their toe in the water or dive in the deep end," said Schwieterman.

Schwieterman is not just helping organize the conference; he and his wife have adopted a child.

"Our hearts were really open for the children of the world who just needed a family," he said.

Tennessee currently has 9,000 children in the foster care system, 254 of those children's parents have relinquished all parental rights.

"This is an opportunity for me to try to connect 254 kids with 254 families and I might be one of them," said Schwieterman.

The conference has been held in 21states prior to Tennessee, with more than 2,600 families recruited to become foster parents. More than 800 people have signed up for the free conference on Saturday.

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