Gallatin Leaders Deal With Rapid Growth

Gallatin Leaders Deal With Rapid Growth

CREATED Feb 17, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

GALLATIN, Tenn. – For a long time, as Nashville grew many people and companies who came to the Mid-State ended up in Davidson County or south. As of Monday, that direction could be heading north.

It was a gloomy Presidents' Day, but that feeling didn't stop the buzz around town.

Elvira Montelongo opened her deli on the square three years ago and has watched the city grow right along with her customer base.

"[It started at] 10, 20 people a day for lunch. Right now, most of the time it's more like 45 or 60," she said.

Mayor Jo Ann Graves said they've already spent millions to revitalize Gallatin's square and now the work is expanding between Main Street and Smith Street. More construction is planned between Franklin Street and Eastland Street later this year.

"We really did an entire facelift for our downtown," Graves said. "People are paying attention."

Last month, gun maker Beretta announced its bringing 300 jobs to Gallatin's Industrial Park. That's a choice Graves says should encourage even more companies to take a look.

"If Beretta chooses Gallatin over 80 other sites that they started with, what's going on in Gallatin maybe we want to go take a look and evaluate it," she said.

Another project that will bring 1,100 workers to the area as TVA finishes a billion dollar plan to build a new stack to clean the Gallatin Coal Plant.

That could mean businesses, like Montelongo's, could be preparing for a boom as Gallatin finally may become one of Middle Tennessee's hot spots.

"I think people are starting to really look at Gallatin," Graves said.

TDOT is also expanding Highway 109, which connects Gallatin to Wilson County northeast of Mount Juliet.

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