Police Seek More Concrete Tips To Catch Police Impersonator

Police Seek More Concrete Tips To Catch Police Impersonator

CREATED Feb 14, 2014

by Marcus Washington 

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – When officers called for help from the community to help find a driver impersonating police in a yellow car, people responded. Now police have asked people to pull back on 911 calls.

Officials with the Columbia Police Department said those calls or tips can be helpful, but they are getting so many calls of just sightings of a yellow car and the driver is doing nothing illegal or suspicious.

When police asked for help, residents in Maury County didn't waste time trying to get a violent criminal off the streets.

Since February 2, police have received four calls of a person in a yellow sports car with flashing light trying to pull drivers over. In at least two of these incidents, a driver was assaulted.

"I have to drive home by myself at night a lot; so, my husband said, 'don't stop for a yellow car.' it's kind of scary to me," said Spring Hill resident, Katie Bock.

The attacks have been the talk of Maury County and police said getting the word out about the type of car, color and how the suspects stops victims is so important to keep everyone aware and safe.

While all leads are good, police said they only want, at this point, for people to start calling if and only if they see something suspicious.

"If someone witnessed some of these events, that would be more pertinent information," said Lt. Joey Gideon from Columbia Police Criminal Investigations.

A number of owners of yellow sports cars, like Joe Seagraves, have been subject to more cautionary looks from other drivers.

"I was listening to the radio before I left the house and they said a couple of times on there that, if you were lucky enough to be driving a yellow Camaro, you'll probably be subject to a little extra scrutiny," said Seagraves. "They've got to try to round up these fools and all, but still, if you don't need to get stopped, you don't want to."

Police said if you're ever pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and you don't feel safe, you should slow down to a safe speed, drive towards a well-lit and populated area and call 911. The operator will be able to tell you if the person trying to pull you over is an actual officer.

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