Police Warn Of New Phone Scam From Officer Impersonator

Police Warn Of New Phone Scam From Officer Impersonator

CREATED Feb 14, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Police have released a warning about a new phone scam from someone posing as a police officer.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said several victims have received a call from someone claiming to be a police officer who threatens them with jail time unless they pay a disclosed amount of money. Sometimes the caller has informed the victim that he or she missed a court date.

In each call, the person has asked for a sum of money. Wayne Wood received one of the calls last week. The unknown person identified himself as Lieutenant John Martin and left a message on his answering machine.

"He was very specific," Wood said."‘ I'm calling from the Davidson County Sheriff's Department warrants division.' He used my name and said we need to talk."

Wood said the number had a 615 area code. He said he went to his computer and conducted a search for a Lieutenant John Martin in Nashville.

"I went to the computer and checked Google, put in Lt. John Martin warrants division and what I found was somebody had been using that name in a scam in Texas," he said.

According to Sheriff Daron Hall with the Davison County Sheriff's Office, there is no Lieutenant Martin in Davidson County. Sheriff Hall said his office has received several complaints from people receiving similar calls.

"We would not be asking anyone to put money anywhere over the phone, so anytime you get that call, it's not an official business call from us," he said.

The Fraud Unit at the Metro Nashville Police Department has been investigating several similar reports from other Nashville residents.

Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call has been urged to contact the Metro Police's Fraud Unit.