Nashville’s 'Snow Dome' Becomes Internet Sensation

Nashville’s 'Snow Dome' Becomes Internet Sensation

CREATED Feb 14, 2014

by Emily Luxen           

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -  Suddenly the term "snow dome" is dominating social media sites, blogs and even everyday conversations.

It refers to the so-called protective shield that has hovered over Middle Tennessee this winter and kept the snow out. While people just hours away in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina are buried under snow, people in Nashville have not been impacted.

Multiple photos have started circulating on social media sites that show weather satellite images supporting the snow dome theory.  Snow is apparent all around the Volunteer state, but not over Middle Tennessee.

However, meteorologists said a "dome" is not responsible, rather weather patterns.

"I think it has just been the luck of the draw," said Tom Johnstone, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service.  " The last couple winters have kept the major snow producing systems north and south of middle Tennessee."

"A lot of things have to come together for Nashville to get snow," said Ron Howes, Chief Meteorologist at Newschannel5.  "It simply doesn't happen every year."

So far this winter, Nashville has seen barely over an inch of snow.  Parts of North Alabama have seen 20 inches.

While the so-called snow dome may have successfully kept the snow away, it has not prevented frigid temperatures in Middle Tennessee.

"The cold air is 1000 miles wide, so sometimes it is hard to miss that," said Howes.  "The track of the snow may be only 100 miles wide."

While meteorologists said they are aware of the snow dome theory, they believe it is simply an example of people looking for an explanation for the odd winter.

"I think people like snow.  They like to look at it, and play in it," said Johnstone.  "We get it so seldom here.  They look forward to it when it's in the forecast. I think some of this is driven by the disappointment we haven't had snow the past few years."

The snow dome theory will still be tested through March, when snow is still possible in Middle Tennessee.  However, meteorologists say generally, temperatures are expected to be warmer than normal into Spring.

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