Metro Water To Build Drain To Help Flooding, Ice

Metro Water To Build Drain To Help Flooding, Ice

CREATED Feb 13, 2014

by Chris Conte

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tired of having their basements and backyards flooded by a small underground spring, three homeowners in East Nashville decided to take matters into their own hands and now the Metro Water Department is stepping in to help.

"If we get a bad rain it's like a faucet is turned on... the water sometimes just comes into our house," said Bo Tuders who lives one house down from where the spring popped up last year.

Tuders said he tried contacting Metro Water a few times, but after he said they wouldn't help he took matters into his own hands, building a 140-foot long PVC pipe from his neighbor's back yard down along a fence line and into the street.

The water is no longer a problem for Bo or his neighbors, but when the temperature drops below 32 degrees it sometimes freezes onto Lillian Street where the water drains out.

"They said well there's nothing we can do about it. It's private property, so we took it off private property and put it on the city property now they want to do something about it," he adds.

Metro Water is now fully aware of the problem and has plans in the works to build a drain where the PVC pipe comes out into the street so that the water can safely be diverted underground.

"And we don't want people to take that into their own hands and divert it especially when it causes a concern as it is now," explained Sonia Harvat with Metro Water.

Sonia said they are now just waiting on permission from one of Bo's neighbors to begin digging and the project will only take one day to complete.

"The water from that spring would run through the yards and onto the street and that is effecting public infrastructure and public safety," she added.

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