Deputies Find Drugs, Cash Buried On Cannon Co. Property

Deputies Find Drugs, Cash Buried On Cannon Co. Property

CREATED Feb 13, 2014

By Shannon Royster

LIBERTY, Tenn. - A father and son were taken into custody Tuesday in Cannon County after detectives found marijuana buried all over their property.

Sheriff Darrell Young and his department got a tip that drugs were hidden in a refrigerator on the property on Big Hill Road.  The suspect's dog led officials straight to the drugs. He knew exactly where it had been hidden.

"When we followed the path he went through the fence right up to the fridge and showed me where it was at," said Sheriff Young.

Officers opened  the fridge and found 11 pounds of marijuana inside. Then, they started searching a little more and found over 75 pounds scattered on the hillside.

The search started at 5 p.m. Tuesday night and went on for hours.

"I've had several people up here on the hillside kicking leaves, raking leaves, kicking rocks looking because we knew it was here," said Sheriff Young. "We just had to find it."

The drugs were found in several holes. Deputies also discovered money when a deputy tripped over a rock and found $10,000 in a plastic jar underneath it. 

In addition to seizing drugs and money, they took property as well like cars and motorcycles.  

Donald and Nicholas Ray Reeder were charged with felony possession of marijuana for resale.

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