Three Convicted Felons Arrested During Drug Investigation

Three Convicted Felons Arrested During Drug Investigation

CREATED Feb 12, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -  The Metro Nashville Police Department's Gang Unit arrested three convicted felons Tuesday following a 10-month drug investigation. The arrest resulted in the seizure of drugs, cash and semi-automatic weapons.  

Gang detectives focused on alleged cocaine sales by convicted drug felon Toye Eson. Eson was arrested and charged with selling cocaine to undercover police officers on four occasions. He was taken into custody at his home on Willowbranch Drive.

During the investigation, detectives searched the home of Eson's associate Anthony Cunningham on Shoreline Lane. They seized three ounces of cocaine hidden in a kitchen flour jar, a half-pound of marijuana in a drawer, a loaded semi-automatic pistol was found in a kitchen cabinet and they found another firearm hidden under a mattress.  

Cunningham was on probation for a previous conviction when he was arrested.  

Detectives also stopped a 2004 Mercedes as it left home. Drugs and cash were found in the car. The driver, Navin Shea  and his passenger, convicted drug felon and parolee Johnny Mounsena, from Smyrna, were arrested and charged with marijuana possession for resale.