Hotel Chain Faces Civil Rights Lawsuit In Nashville

Hotel Chain Faces Civil Rights Lawsuit In Nashville

CREATED Feb 10, 2014

by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A well-known national hotel chain has been named in a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit in Nashville.

Doris Goodner is one of five African American women suing La Quinta Inn and Suites citing discrimination on the job. They level some strong allegations against a white general manager who supervised them at a La Quinta Inn in Franklin.

The lawsuit claims the manager, among other things, told the women:

  • That Obama should have stayed in Africa.
  • That blacks don't have to work because they get they get food stamps, welfare and other benefits.

The lawsuit also alleges that the manager:

  • Referred to black people eating chitlins.
  • And that he gave white employees a more favorable work schedule as compared to African Americans.

"It was very difficult," said Goodner. She and the other plaintiffs said they voiced their concerns to higher ups and filed a complaint with the EEOC, but nothing happened.

They have asked for $400 in damages each. A lawyer for La Quinta Inn declined to comment for this story because of the pending litigation.

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