Snow Days Could Extend School Year In Kentucky Schools

Snow Days Could Extend School Year In Kentucky Schools

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

Hopkinsville, KY- It may be June before students in Christian County get out of school. Unlike Tennessee, by law districts in Kentucky are not allowed to have snow days built into the school calendar forcing them to look for alternative ways to make up days missed because of inclement weather.

It's easy for cabin fever to set in when students have been out of school all week.

"Our son is very active. The fact that he runs around the house a lot constantly gets on my wife's nerves," parent Jamie Buckner said. "So I bring him to the YMCA just so he can run a little bit."

Friday marks the eleventh snow day in Christian County. It's not the accumulation that's the problem, but the cold and ice.

"If those roads are icy, maybe not in town but on some back roads where our students live we have to take that into consideration," Christian County Schools Communications Director Heather Aubin Lancaster explained.

While the days off may mean fun and games for students, each day missed will have to be made up.

"I think sometimes a common misconception in our community is that we have what are called snow days built into our school calendar," Lancaster said.

"To make up some of these days I know Presidents Day, they can use that day," Buckner suggested. "Or maybe the spring break, maybe they can shorten that a little bit."

The school board voted to use Presidents Day as a make-up day, but that leaves at least 10 more snow days and winter isn't over yet.

"Right now we're in this state of continuous inclement weather and the board can maybe make a decision when warmer weather comes our way," Lancaster said.

A likely option is to extend the school year into June. It's just another reason why parents want to get back to their normal schedule.

"I have two of them, close in age at home," parent Mary Atkins said about her children, "so yes I am ready for them to go back to school."

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