New Scam Targeting Pre-Paid Credit Card Users

New Scam Targeting Pre-Paid Credit Card Users

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

by Janet Kim

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A scam has been seeing a spike in the Mid-State, using popular un-paid credit cards.

The thieves are making their victims believe they are from legitimate entities, like the Nashville Electric Service or law enforcement agencies.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police said there have been 10 to 20 victims in Nashville already this year, some who have lost hundreds even thousands of dollars through this MoneyPak scam.

The thieves reach out to victims by e-mail or phone. They are able to mask their numbers so the victim's caller ID will actually show it's coming from some of the legitimate agencies.

"So once you came to your sense, you were like wow, I can't believe something like this really happened, but it really happened," said Quarren Jones, who fell victim after he was told issues with his student loan could be resolved if he paid $400.

The thieves then tell the victims they owe money to these agencies, in the form of a MoneyPak, which is a service used to reload prepaid debit cards.

The scam artists then ask for the 14 digit number on the back of the MoneyPak, which is essentially handing the thief a withdraw slip to your whole account.

"The most important thing we can do as a police department is let the people know: do not fall victim to this; do not provide the 14 digit code on the back of a money pack to anyone via email, via phone call, because in effect you are giving that individual on the other side a withdraw slip," said Metro Police Lt. Grant Carroll.

In some cases, people may not know they've fallen victim, and once someone has fallen victim, investigators said the suspects will then try to target them again.

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