Coffee Shop That Gives, Now Needs

Coffee Shop That Gives, Now Needs

CREATED Feb 6, 2014

by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A local coffee shop with a global mission to build drinking wells in Africa now needs your help as its looking to expand its helping hand.

From the outside it's just a coffee shop, but The Well Coffeehouse is not like most businesses.

"We wanted to make money with the very purpose of giving it away," said co-founder Rob Touchstone.

It's not just about making coffee, but money to help build drinking wells in impoverished areas in the world.

"We've already built three wells in Togo, Africa and we have aspirations soon to build a network of well in Haiti," said Touchstone. 

Months ago co-founder Rob Touchstone was informed their business would have to move. 

Trying to stay in the Green Hills area wasn't easy, so they found a new location in Brentwood, "and it's located on Old Hickory Blvd. in a brand new shopping center called The Shops in Seven Springs," he said.

After securing the location on Old Hickory Blvd., Rob heard about another possibility, the former Pizza Perfect Kebob on Granny White Pike, which would keep them in the area of their current location; less than three miles. The only issue now is raising the money to get here."

"Because we're a non-profit, we certainly don't have this nest egg of money saved up to open a second store. So, in order to actually open another store we're trying to raise $75,000," said Touchstone.

That $75,000 has to be raised by before February 24, 2014, but Thursday brought some good news.

"Someone who doesn't live in Tennessee who emailed up and said they would be willing to match up to $20,000 in donations," he said

It's a tough goal to meet in such little time, but Rob is hoping his customers and anyone listen will help reach their goal that is much bigger than one cup of coffee.

"Legitimately sometimes I could just as easily go home and make coffee there, but I will stop by here and I know the money I am putting in is doing a greater good," said customer Brandon Brown.

If you would like to make a donation at The Well Coffeehouse, visit or mail a donation to the current location before March to 2035 Richard Jones Rd, Nashville, Tennessee 37215. 

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