Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Spring Hill

Rash Of Car Break-Ins Plaguing Spring Hill

CREATED Feb 6, 2014

by Janet Kim

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – The City of Spring Hill has been plagued lately by a rash of car break-ins.

Most police departments see a rise in car burglaries during the warmer months. Despite the extreme cold, thieves have kept busy with a recent rash of car break-ins in Spring Hill.

Jeffrey Reed is now one of dozens of victims in Spring Hill.

"We were getting in the car to go to church Sunday and we noticed that everything had been dumped out inside of the cars," said Reed.

Since the beginning of the year, the Spring Hill Police Department has responded to 46 car burglaries. Eighteen of them occurred just this past weekend in neighborhoods like Wyngate Estates and Cochran Trace.

"When the officer got to our house; he said that was the 12th one so far," said Reed.

They are alarming numbers for Spring Hill Police, who typically see this type of crime in the warmer months. However, it isn't just the act itself but what the burglars stole that has investigators on high alert, including a number guns.

"That worries us more than anything because we don't know the age of people taking them, because if these are children, they are in possession of firearms now," Spring Hill Police Lt. Justin Whitwell.

Police said all of the victims had left their doors unlocked.

"It is definitely a crime of opportunity; all these individuals have to do is walk up to the car and lift the car and get whatever they want," said Whitwell.

It's a crime spree now prompting investigators and neighbors alike to send a common message.

"I mean it's sad to say, when I was a child, we never locked our doors, but nowadays you have to," said Scott Jordan, whose neighbor was also a victim.

Police said it's unclear at this point if they are dealing with professionals or juveniles.

Investigators are also working with neighboring agencies, some that have also seen a spike in car break-ins.

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