Water Restrictions Lifted In Springfield

Water Restrictions Lifted In Springfield

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. – Restrictions on water usage in Springfield have been lifted Friday morning after officials said the water treatment plant is producing at a normal volume.

Customers were asked to try to conserve water throughout the weekend to help the water system return to normal regulation.

On Thursday, residents were asked to reduce their water usage after officials said the water's condition did not meet regulations. 

"Samples that we would collect, would not settle the mud out, as they should," explained Springfield Water Plant manager Trent Morris.

A chemical used to help clean the water taken from the Red River stopped working late Wednesday. Early Thursday morning Morris made the decision to stop water production at the plant.

"(We) made the decision to not keep fighting it, let it get on past. That allowed our tanks to get low. Made that decision. That's better then letting any water out that didn't meet regulations.

Morris believed the heavy rain earlier this week put something into the water the chemical did not respond to. A new chemical was shipped in late Thursday to treat the water.

The city has a two-day supply of water in its six storage tanks. That supply was depleted down to half the capacity.

"We will be fine, and the water that is in our system is 100 percent fine," according to Morris.