Child Support Office Worker Investigated For Stealing Money From Parents

Child Support Office Worker Investigated For Stealing Money From Parents

CREATED Feb 6, 2014

By Jennifer Kraus
Consumer Investigator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The state now confirms it's trying to figure out whether a child support office worker managed to steal money from parents.

At least one parent says she thought she was paying what she owed to the state and later discovered that money never made it to her account. 

Tiffiney Jenkins says she can't believe how it happened or why the state isn't helping those who were affected. 

Jenkins was living in Atlanta when she discovered her driver's license had been suspended because she owed back child support to the state of Tennessee. But even more surprising she says is what happened after she gave the money she owed to her caseworker at the Williamson County Child Support Office in Franklin. 

"Yeah, I was shocked at how bold she was. I feel like she thought that I wouldn't miss the money," Jenkins told NewsChannel 5 Investigates

Jenkins believes the caseworker, Pamela Campbell, pocketed the money instead of applying it to Jenkins' account. 

And NewsChannel 5 Investigates has confirmed there is now an active TBI investigation looking into this and the possibility of other victims. 

When we tried to talk with Campbell as soon as we mentioned the child support office, she was done with us. 

Jenkins said, in her case, Campbell told her to go to the bank and get a money order for $500. 

Jenkins recalled, "I said I don't know what to put on the money order like who to pay to the order of and she said don't worry about it. You know, I'll take care of it."

Jenkins thought her driver license troubles were over. She didn't know there was a problem until several months later when she discovered her driver's license was still suspended because according to the system, the money had never been paid. 

Jenkins says she called Campbell who promised to get it straightened out. 

But, several months after that, at tax time, Jenkins didn't get her refund and found the state had garnished it because of the $500 she was told she still owed. 

So Jenkins called her bank to get a copy of the money order to prove she had paid it. 

Jenkins described, "They told me that Pam Campbell endorsed her name on the back, my heart dropped. And then I said, 'Can you see the front of the money order and who it's made out to?' And when she told me, 'Pam Campbell,' I was just like, 'Oh my God.'" 

When that money order was cashed, it said, "Pay to the order of Pam Campbell." And, on the back, the signature also had the caseworker's name. 

NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked Campbell, "The money order has your name on it and your signature on it. How did that happen?"

Campbell said nothing as she rushed to get into her truck. 

To make matters worse for Jenkins, she's now paid twice for the same thing between the money order and the money that was garnished from her tax refund. But the state has neither refunded her 500 dollars nor credited her account. 

"I didn't deserve to be treated that way," said Jenkins. 

Jenkins told NewsChannel 5 Investigates she's been told there are other victims in this case. She can't believe that anyone would think they could get away with this. 

As Campbell got into her truck and slammed the door, NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked, "What do you tell these parents? Why would you take money from these parents?"

Campbell is not charged with anything at this point. We are told though that she no longer works in that office and she left that position about the same time the TBI began its investigation. 

Maximus, the outside company hired to run the Williamson County child support office, refused to answer our questions about Campbell or what happened citing the investigation. They also refused to explain why Tiffiney Jenkins still hasn't been given her money back.

We also asked DHS which oversees child support in Tennessee about the case and they too refused to provide any information. 

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