Nashville Native Now A Super Bowl Champion

Nashville Native Now A Super Bowl Champion

CREATED Feb 3, 2014

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. - Millions watched Seattle steamroll Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday night. It was a great ending for Seahawks fans, but some people here in the mid-state were cheering on Seattle for a very specific reason.  

Golden Tate was already a big deal at Hendersonville's Pope John Paul II High School, but now students and teachers there have major bragging rights after the 2007 graduate helped the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl championship.

The game may not have been the most exciting to watch, but it had some people glued to their T-Vs every time Seattle's number eight-- wide receiver Golden Tate-- was on the screen.

"Every time you saw him catch a punt return or catch a pass you were like, hey he played at our high school," said former offensive line coach Scott Shaver.

Shaver only knew Golden his senior year but quickly realized he'd be playing for years.      

Long before Tate got drafted by the Seahawks,or played at Notre Dame, he was a high school legend.  

During his senior year, in a losing game against Good Pasture, the Knights were down two touchdowns, but he not only tied, but scored to win the game.  

Friday, students who have never even met him held a pep rally in his honor.      

Tate was a lot more than just a star athlete during his time at J-P-2. He was also in the choir.