Lost Pot-Bellied Pigs Wind Up At County Animal Shelter

Lost Pot-Bellied Pigs Wind Up At County Animal Shelter

CREATED Jan 31, 2014

by Chris Cannon

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Two pot-bellied pigs are now residents of the stray animal hold area at the Montgomery County Animal Control Shelter in Clarksville.

An animal control officer picked up the two female pigs as Thursday when they were walking along Highway 149.

"These were domesticated at one time. Somebody either turned them out, or they got loose, or something," said animal control director Tim Clifton.

The pigs are in kennel 3 at the shelter, with other strays animals control officers have picked up in recent days.

"We have to hold strays for three days, to make sure the owners, to get the owners to come claim them," Clifton said.

The staff named the two female pigs Penelope and Pricilla. So far, the director said they have been good guests.

"They eat dog food and they're fine, fat and happy back there," according to Clifton.

The staff of the animal shelter have never had to house a pair of pigs before.

"We had a Savannah Monitor, and some other things, but first time we've had pigs." according to Clifton.

The pigs must be held for three days before they can be put up for adoption. Their owners have until Monday afternoon to claim the pigs before they are available on Tuesday morning.

The adoption fee will only be $25 because the pigs do not need to be spayed or neutered, or require rabies vaccinations.

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