New Poll Shows More Parents Discouraging Sons From Football

New Poll Shows More Parents Discouraging Sons From Football

CREATED Jan 31, 2014

NASVILLE, Tenn. – As concussion fears escalate among parents, more and more are encouraging their children not to play football.

A new study by the Wall Street Journal has shown that 40 percent of adults surveyed would encourage their kids to play another sport, other than football.

Football has been the nation's most popular sport for the past three decades, but news of a correlation between concussions and brain disease is getting parents attention.

"I have already decided I don't want him playing football," said parent Shannon Parker. "We would give him other options, and find something he likes, but that's just not an option."

Still, that means 60 percent of parents will encourage football. Brett DeFore disagreed and said it's up to the child.

"I haven't discouraged him because I think it's his decision and think there's enough pressure from parents to get kids to perform well in all kinds of sporting events as it is," said DeFore . "(A) kid needs to be a kid and make life decision of their own."

A NewsChannel 5 poll showed 21 percent of viewers said yes with 45 percent responding No. 32 percent said it's the children's decision.