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Infant's Life Spared After Deadly Crash Involving School Bus

Infant's Life Spared After Deadly Crash Involving School Bus

CREATED Feb 1, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. - A Sumner County mother's instincts kicked into high gear after a routine trip to her son's school bus stop turned deadly.

"Next thing I know there was squealing, the big crashing sound and I'm on the ground looking for my baby," Shannon Driver said.

Some of the details are still a blur, but Driver will never forget the agony she felt after realizing her infant son had been thrown from her arms.

"It was scary and to see him look over," she said while getting emotional. "To see him face down on the ground not moving, (that's) something nobody should ever have to go through."

Driver was at the school bus stop on Highway 31 East in Bethpage picking up her son Christopher.

"The school bus was stopped right at the driveway," kindergartner Christopher said. "And when the  man did it, he pushed the school bus right past the driveway."

David Trembley, 55, was driving a white pick-up truck and didn't stop, instead slamming into the bus. He died at the scene.

"It freaked me out and it freaked the girl out but she thought (the bus) was going to go flat over on the side," Christopher remembered.

Driver believes she was hit by the door of the school bus that was open at the time of impact. It threw her to the ground. Her infant son Liam landed just inches from the school buses tires that were still moving.

"He wasn't moving," Driver said about Liam's condition after getting to him. "His eyes were open but he was like a deer in the headlights."

All three were taken to the hospital and escaped the ordeal with bumps and bruises. Driver said Liam was bundled up in layers and believes that helped save him.

"Watch what you're doing, slow down," Driver said. "We have speed limits for a reason."

What hurts most though is the thought of what could have happened.

"I need to cherish every minute I have with him," Driver said while holding her baby.

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