Hickman County House Fire Deemed Suspicious By Officials

Hickman County House Fire Deemed Suspicious By Officials

CREATED Feb 1, 2014

HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. – A house fire that claimed the life of two people in Hickman County Friday morning has been called suspicious by officials.

"The dogs alerted (us about) some situations that…was inside the house that we felt like we needed to look into it further," Hickman County Sheriff Randal Ward explained about how the determination was made.

Saturday, investigators returned to what's left of the home to sift through the debris and conduct interviews. They continue to look for clues that may give them a better perspective on what happened.

The two bodies found inside the home after the fire was extinguished were believed to be the residents-- an older couple-- but their identities were not immediately released.  The couple was well known in the community that is now raising questions about who could've wanted to hurt them.

"They're really surprised at what's happened," Sheriff Ward explained about the response. "They have a lot of fear…and they're really saddened because they've known these people for many years, like I have. They're really touched by what has happened."

Sheriff Ward said the fire likely broke out between 5:30 and 6 a.m. at a home on Dodd Hollow Road in the Nunnelly community. A deputy from another county was driving home from his shift when he spotted the burning home.

It was destroyed by the fast-burning flames, with the chimney being the only thing left standing.

Sheriff Ward said the fire was extremely hot and the fire trucks ran out of water so they had to pump water in from a neighbor's pond. However, the pond was frozen over so it took some time to break through the ice.