Councilman Proposes Tax Hike Ordinances to Fund AMP

Councilman Proposes Tax Hike Ordinances to Fund AMP

CREATED Jan 29, 2014

By Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A metro councilman has introduced several city ordinances that could pave the way toward big hikes in the taxes you pay -- all to fund the proposed AMP bus line.

Councilman Charlie Tygard is proposing ordinances that could eventually raise the city's sales tax, wheel tax and even property taxes to run the Bus Rapid Transit line proposed by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

Surprisingly, Tygard says he's against his own proposal.  He says he's only introducing the ordinances to start a discussion about how to pay for the bus line.

"We should be as a community talking about do we want this and how to pay for it, then we can talk about the demographics and how its best built and best serviced," said, Tygard.

A spokesperson for the AMP project says those discussions are already taking place.

"We've done probably 100 conversations about mass transit in the last couple of years, so there's been ample conversation about transit and about AMP in particular," said Holly McCall, an AMP spokesperson.

Any increase in sales taxes in Nashville would have to be approved by voters.

That's something Tygard says Nashville voters have never done since the county merged with the city in 1963.

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