Residents Protest Williamson County Subdivision

Residents Protest Williamson County Subdivision

CREATED Jan 26, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Residents continue to protest a new development in Williamson County, despite bulldozers already being parked on the property.

With each sign Laura Turner secures in the ground, she hopes to stake her claim in the preservation efforts along Old Hillsboro Road near the historic Old Natchez Trace.

"This was a huge…Mississippian Indian prehistoric area," Turner explained.

The scenic landscape that makes it a prime choice of a Sunday afternoon drive will now be accented by bulldozers. The Hillsboro Cove Subdivision boasts of a 34 acre community with twenty homes placed on one acre lots.

The Citizens for Old Natchez Trace say the development is too dense and will cause even more traffic. Saturday, nearly one dozen people lined Old Hillsboro Road with signs. Each honk they hoped meant additional support for a plan they believe could be a compromise.

"If those lots were even three acres or even five people would pay more for that," Turner suggested to ease the density.

A car full of people entered the worksite for a short time. The driver declined to comment when asked for a response to the protests as they exited the property. Calls to the developers were not immediately returned.

"This could be the beginning of the end of this last chance landscape," Turner said about her perceived decline of the area. "The people here have a right to stand up for their community. We are the ones that have lived here for 30 and 40 years."

Construction will happen. The sound of change won't only include bulldozers, but residents who say it's not too late to change the direction of the project.

The property sat on the market for more than a year before being sold. Grove Parks Construction is the developer of the subdivision. It's the same developer of the Governor's Club in Brentwood.

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