Bitter Cold Continues In Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky

Bitter Cold Continues In Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky

CREATED Jan 28, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Bitterly cold temperatures settled back into the mid-state Tuesday, as wind chills made it feel even colder. Some school systems were either closed or delayed due to the cold temps and some light snow.

After warmer weather over the weekend, temperatures plummeted Monday with overnight lows in the teens. Tuesday's highs were not expected to rise out of the low 20s.

A wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 a.m. Wednesday for Franklin, Lincoln and Moore counties.

NewsChannel 5 meteorologist Lelan Statom said wind chills will dip to below zero late Tuesday, with mostly cloudy skies through Wednesday afternoon.

The coldest temperatures were expected to come Wednesday night, with overnight lows from 0 to 5 range. Some areas could see some slight snow accumulations, but most areas will only see 

Metro Police patrol officers will be on the lookout for homeless out in the cold, and will encourage them to accept police transportation to warm shelter. Overnight Monday, officers provided transportation to 23 homeless people across Nashville. In total, they offered help to more than 40 people, most of whom declined assistance. 

Hundreds of persons have been offered assistance during this month's cold weather.  Anyone seeing an individual outdoors who appears to be disoriented or in need of help is urged to call 862-8600.

The weather service warns that driving conditions may become hazardous and motorists should use caution when traveling. Drivers were encouraged to drive slowly and pack a blanket in case of being stranded.

By the end of the week, conditions are expected to improve with moister from the Gulf of Mexico bringing in warmer air.