First-Time Scuba Divers Make Splash At Nashville Boat Show

First-Time Scuba Divers Make Splash At Nashville Boat Show

CREATED Jan 26, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – First-time divers were given the opportunity to discover and experience underwater scuba diving at this year's Nashville Boat and Sportshow.

The 2014 Nashville Boat and Sportshow was held January 23 through January 26 in the Music City Center in downtown Nashville.

On Saturday, a group of children had the opportunity to experience scuba diving for the first time.

"It was fun," said first time diver Matthew Woodward. "It's easy to learn. It's like swimming in a pool regularly. It's almost like snorkeling but it's even easier."

"It seems kind of scary when you first go down there, but after a while you'll get used to it and it's really fun," said Mia Vander Pol, another first time diver.

Instructors at the event said the water's depth was set at a shallow level, so divers could stand up if they felt uncomfortable at any time.

"Scuba can take you as close at the rock quarry up near Gallatin, Tennessee or as far as Fiji," said Doug Hunter, Divemaster at Island Hoppes Scuba. "Everybody does want to see a shark, but I've been fascinated with the little, tiny things, the little, tiny colorful shrimp."

Parents were also encouraged by potential career opportunities found with a diving background.

"This makes me want to actually put her in a program now," said parent Shaterica Bahar. "So that she could get her certificate, maybe she could go be in the Navy and swim or something and expand her education."

The exhibit wrapped up 5 p.m. Sunday.