One Home, Ten Cars Burglarized In Franklin Subdivision

One Home, Ten Cars Burglarized In Franklin Subdivision

CREATED Jan 25, 2014

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - A home and multiple vehicles were burglarized Friday night in a subdivision in Franklin.

Officials with the Franklin Police Department said the burglaries occurred in the Westhaven subdivision in Franklin.

According to officials, someone forced entry into the home of Brian and Tonya Gabbard on Championship Boulevard while the family was sleeping inside of the home. They said the suspect(s) pried open a locked back door and stole a purse from the kitchen table.

"Clearly with the [blinds] open you can actually take a look inside the house. It was an easy target," said Brian.

Police said 10 cars were also burglarized during the robberies.

"One of them had been broken into, my daughter's car and I think it was because they could see her purse in the back seat," said Terry Rust.

Two rifles and a handgun were among the items stolen.

Investigators have asked anyone in the neighborhood with home surveillance systems to review footage from overnight, and contact police at794-4000 if cameras caught a glimpse of anything suspicious.

Residents have been urged to heed precaution as a result of the break-ins.