Volunteers Sort Items For Community Baby Shower

Volunteers Sort Items For Community Baby Shower

CREATED Jan 24, 2014

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – A group of volunteers in Rutherford and Cannon Counties have come together to help ease the burden for families struggling to pay the expenses associated with a newborn baby.

Volunteers with the United Way in Rutherford and Cannon Counties met at Holloway High School i nMurfreesboro to sort through items like diapers, clothing, bottles, wipes, blankets and formula Friday to be put together for a community baby shower.

Anything needed to help a family with a newborn was organized to eventually go to those who need it.

"(We) felt like the community baby shower was something that wasn't being done yet. It was a need that hadn't been met yet, so we felt like this was a great opportunity to really be able to put those supplies in the hands of people who really needed them," said Meagan Flippin with the United Way.

Diapers will be given to area health departments and organizations to be distributed.

Anyone in interested in helping with donations can visit the United Way's regional website at uwrutherford.org/.