Nashville's Mild Winter Moves North To Alaska

Nashville's Mild Winter Moves North To Alaska

CREATED Jan 24, 2014

by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - The weather over the last few days, and much of January, has made Middle Tennessee feel downright frigid.

Temperatures are nearly 30 degrees below average.

Meteorologists said that is because the Polar Vortex has once again parked itself over the Midwest and Southeast.

When it moved south, it left the north with temperatures well above average. Anchorage, Alaska has been in meltdown mode.

Temperatures have been averaging in the upper 30s and low 40s for the last two weeks when the average has been in the teens and 20s.

"Alaska is certainly built for winter is cold in the winter months," said Alaska-based National Weather Service Meteorologist Dave Snider. "When we don't come to experience that a lot of things come to a grinding halt."

Alyeska Resort, the largest ski resort in the state closed down because of poor conditions.

Fairbanks International Airport closed for a time Thursday, because of freezing rain conditions.

Since misery loves company, Alaska will stay warm for at least another week, while Middle Tennessee remains in the target of another arctic blast.

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