Two Brands Of Dog Treats Make Return To Shelves

Two Brands Of Dog Treats Make Return To Shelves

CREATED Jan 23, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After thousands of dogs were sickened and hundreds died, a nationwide recall took several pet jerky treats made in China off store shelves. One year later, two brands of treats are making a return.

Both Nestle Purina and Del Monte Foods said they've both made changes, including sourcing most of the ingredients from the U.S. but not all of them. Unfortunately government experts said they're no closer to understanding the link between jerky treats and thousands of pet illnesses.

Purina will reintroduce a line of Waggin' Train treats for dogs including products made from a single supplier in China and a new product made entirely in the United States. . Del Monte foods will reintroduce Milos Kitchen chicken jerky strips using U.S. sourced meat, but will it be enough to keep pets safe.

Dr. Noel Lucas with Blue Oasis Pet Hospital said right now it's still too risky.

"My recommendation as a vet is don't feed your pet jerky treats from chicken duck or sweet potato," said Dr. Lucas. "It's just not worth your pets life to feed them a treat that we don't know in our industry what's making them sick."

The Food and Drug Administration said the companies don't need clearance or pre-market approval to "reintroduce" products. The FDA has never found proof that the treats were ever contaminated.