NES Responds To Claims Of 'Dated' Cut-Off Policy

NES Responds To Claims Of 'Dated' Cut-Off Policy

CREATED Jan 24, 2014

by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – After NewsChannel 5 first asked questions about the power company's cut-off policy, Nashville Electric Service began talks of change.

More than 200 NES customers were informed Wednesday that their power to their homes would be cut-off due to non-payments. 

"About 70 percent of customers were behind in their payments by 90 days or more," said Holden Miller, spokesperson for NES. "So, we really had no other choice other than to disconnect." 

The power company's policy states that no power should be shut off for non-payment if the temperature if reported lower than 32 degrees.

"We do not like turning off power to any of our customers, especially during these cold temperatures; however, it has always been NES policy to not disconnect a customer for non-payment if the predicted high temperature is supposed to be below 32 degrees," said Miller.

Wednesday's temperature high was reported by the Tennessean was 32 degrees, but the high was around 31 degrees. The utility only relied on one forecast – the one from the Tennessean from the previous night.

After questions posed by News Channel 5, there are now discussions of changing the current policy.

"I think the cold temperatures we've had this past winter have made us think we need to reevaluate that process and maybe look into use some additional sources," said Miller.

She said the policy has never been changed because no one has ever challenged nor questioned it until Wednesday.

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