Low Temperatures Pushing Heating Repairs Up

Low Temperatures Pushing Heating Repairs Up

CREATED Jan 22, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Another blast of bitter cold weather has been keeping heating repair companies across Middle Tennessee busy as HVAC and other heating units have struggled to keep up with demand by consumers.

With temperatures staying below freezing Wednesday, it was another busy day for heating repair companies – and it will probably only be busier Thursday.

The last time arctic cold air paid us a visit in early January, one local repair company told us they had 1,700 phone calls from people with problems in just one day.

Wednesday, they were once again trying to keep up with demand.

East Nashville landlord Martha Holt said as cozy as some homes might seem on the outside, it's a much different story when you step inside.

Her renters called Martha to say the heat wasn't working right. The thermostat gave the first signs of a problem. The heating unit was giving out.

"It says 61, and they had it set on 75," said Holt. "(It's) not keeping up to par."

With temperatures not expected to climb above freezing until Friday, this is the worst time for a heating unit to break.

"You know the main thing is just being expeditious, get it done," said Holt.

Like hundreds of other residents across the mid-state, Martha had never seen a more welcome sight than the heating repairman.

"It keeps going down like it was 61, then it was 62 - and they don't know what the problem is," said Holt.

Jeff Starks from Lee Company quickly pinpointed the problem to an HVAC unit out back.

"It's a split heat pump system and the condenser unit is not on," said Starks.

When the temperature is this cold, he said, heating units have to work overtime to keep your house warm.

"Cold temperatures like this will make a system run inefficiently," said Starks.

Inevitably, all the added hours to heating units leads to electrical or mechanical problems.

"If you have a clogged up filter the system can't flow and it can't breathe, so it makes it very inefficient," said Starks.

With the temperature expected to drop even further over the coming days, Starks said he expected to be in for some very long days.

"If it continues to stay this cold we'll stay busy," he said.

If you have an automatic thermostat and you set your heat real low during the day when you're at work, the heating unit has to work even harder to reach the high temperature when you come home.