Gifts Wrapped for Children Of Fallen Soldiers

Gifts Wrapped for Children Of Fallen Soldiers

CREATED Jan 21, 2014

by Emily Luxen           

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - On a snowy afternoon in Murfreesboro, volunteers stayed warm inside by wrapping birthday gifts for children of fallen soldiers.

The crinkle of wrapping paper and conversations filled the gym at the Christian Life Church in Murfreesboro.  Church members and other volunteers are helping A Soldier's Child Birthday Foundation.  The non-profit organization was started with the goal of honoring children in military families by showing them others are appreciative of their parent's sacrifice.

All of the more than 500 gifts for more than 90 kids across the country are handpicked and wrapped.  Volunteers even write special messages on the outside of the boxes.  All of the gifts wrapped Tuesday will be shipped in time for each child's February birthday.

For the last five years, the organization has been reaching out to kids across the country who lost parents serving overseas.

"We want them to know we honor your dad or mom and we love you. That's the message." said Daryl Mackin, Founder and Executive Director of A Soldier's Child Foundation. "We believe this promotes healing in their hearts and they deserve it."

For more information on A Soldier's Child Foundation visit www.asoldierschild.org

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