Kitten Thrown Out Of Car Onto Columbia Highway

Kitten Thrown Out Of Car Onto Columbia Highway

CREATED Jan 23, 2014

by Janet Kim

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Eva's Eden, a cat rescue organization, is seeking answers after a kitten was thrown from a car and left to die.

The kitten is believed to be about 6 to 8 weeks old.

"He's so small he can't really defend himself at all," said Nicole Walker with Eva's Eden.

They believe he had been abused well before anyone found him.

Bob Goins spotted the kitten on Highway 31, near Route 421 in Columbia last week. He followed it into the nearby woods before he was able to bring it home.

"I said look, you have two choices, you need to come out with me or the good Lord is going to make you into cat food, so I told him to come on, and then here he comes, meowing, and I snatched him up," said Goins.

Eva's Eden has been caring for the kitten, who received surgery Tuesday at the Veterinary Wellness Clinic of Columbia. They said not only did he have gravel stuck on his face from the impact of the road, but he had an injured tail that had to be amputated during surgery.

The rescue group said they believe there are others out there, since there is usually more than one kitten in a litter. After the condition they found this cat, animal experts said they fear there are other kittens or even families in need of help.

"I think it's a concern for everybody because if someone can attack a defenseless animal, you wonder what they're doing with their animals, and quite frankly, you wonder what they're doing with their kids," said Dr. Louis Lembo with Veterinary Wellness Clinic.

It will be about a month before the kitten is up for adoption, but Eva's Eden said they've already got a list of people who want him.

To make a donation for the kitten's treatment, call Veterinary Wellness Clinic of Columbia at (931)548-2523.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact the Columbia Police Department at (931)388-2727 or Columbia Animal Control at (931)375-1408.

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