Flu Vaccine Requests Increase As Some Agencies Run Out

Flu Vaccine Requests Increase As Some Agencies Run Out

CREATED Jan 19, 2014

by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The flu virus continues to tighten its grip across middle Tennessee, while at the same time, doses of the flu vaccine are getting harder to come by at some locations.

Pharmacists across Middle Tennessee said they've seen a spike in the number of requests for flu vaccine in just the past couple of days.  Nurses said some of that demand that may be attributed to other agencies like the Metro Public Health Department running out of flu vaccine.

Nurses also said even though some sources of the flu shot have been used up, you should still visit a private pharmacy or your doctor if you haven't gotten yours.

 "While we do have them and we do anticipate ordering more if the need arises, we don't want someone to wait (to get it) and then have to wait a day or so to get them in when they need it right now," said Marilyn Wyatt-Harris, a nurse practitioner for The Little Clinic in the Hermitage Kroger.

Even though the Metro Health Department had been offering flu shots since September, once it began offering them for free, it only took a week for that supply to run out.

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