Wilson Co. Schools Discuss Director's Future At Special Meeting

Wilson Co. Schools Discuss Director's Future At Special Meeting

CREATED Jan 19, 2014

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. – The Wilson County School Board held a special meeting Sunday to address a possible conduct violation by its Director of Schools.

The meeting was held at 1 p.m. at the Wilson County Board of Education building to discuss whether or not Dr. Timothy Setterlund violated any policies after he reportedly admitted to driving a school vehicle after having a beer at a local establishment.

Officials said Setterlund confirmed the alleged incident at a regularly scheduled board meeting on January 16. 

A handful of board members met with the attorney for Wilson County for more than two hours Sunday  and discussed school board policy. No action was taken by the board because the meeting was closed to the public.

"Each board member has a lot of facts to determine," said board chairman Don Weather. "We have school board policies, there's state law we have to consider, and we will consider all of that as we determine what the school board is going to do." 

Dr. Setterlund has been on vacation and was not present at the meeting. Officials said a special meeting will most likely be held next week.