Williamson County Plans To Add Fire Station To Growing Community

Williamson County Plans To Add Fire Station To Growing Community

CREATED Jan 16, 2014

by Chris Cannon

THOMPSON'S STATION, Tenn. - The Williamson County Office of Public Safety has plans to add a new fire and ambulance station in the Thompson's Station area.

The proposed station will go on Goose Creek Bypass, not far from Columbia Pike.

"We've identified the land, we hope to secure the land very soon, have that in our pocket," said county fire coordinator Jay Bonson.

The location was chosen because Thompson's Station is growing close to the Franklin city limit, and because of the expanding State Route 840 corridor.

"That station, we hope and project, that would just continue to exist. We'll just add to the system so that we have a better coverage area, saturate that area with response," Bonson explained.

The City of Franklin Board of Mayor and Alderman recently approved extending city sewer service to the property the county plans to buy for the proposed station.

The mayor of Thompson's Station said the town's population is steadily growing.

"We are going to end up with a 180 housing starts in Thompson's Station, three or four years a we might have had five," said Mayor Corey Napier.

The mayor said corporate development in Thompson's Station has prompted residential growth.

"Of course you're having Mars come on line, in the coming year. They'll be opening their first phase. Shelter Insurance opened. We have other investments in our community," Mayor Napier said.

The town had 2,100 residents during the 2010 census. Thompson's Station residents recently completed a special census and the mayor expects the population to increase to 2,500.

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