Bronze Star, Grandfather's Purple Heart Pin Stolen From Marine

Bronze Star, Grandfather's Purple Heart Pin Stolen From Marine

CREATED Jan 16, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – A Reserve Marine had a bag stolen out of his truck Tuesday night in Murfreesboro, but it isn't the bag itself or what was inside that he misses. It's what was on it that may never truly be replaced.

Police continue to investigate a rash of car break-ins, but there's a new victim who's missing something a lot more important than a wallet, cell phone or stereo.

The Reserve Marine just wants a very special bag back.

Ricky Brant said he had no idea thieves were targeting cars near his neighborhood until he and his brother-in-law found someone had been inside their trucks parked in their own driveway Tuesday night.

His boots, Marine uniform and gym bag were all left untouched, but then he noticed something much more important was gone.

"I looked down on the floorboard and only because I meant to grab it, the green bag was gone," he said.

But like his wife, Meggan Brant, will tell you, all the stuff inside his ruck sack can be replaced.

"He carries his handgun in it, he carries personal documents in it, he carries some backup cash in it," she said.

But his Bronze Star attached to the outside and more importantly a pin that's a part of his grandfather's Purple Heart are irreplaceable.

"He carries it with him not only to remember his grandfather, but just have that with him. You know, he's proud of it," Meggan Brant went on to say.

"You can replace them and buy them, but it was one that he wore so that's where the disappointment and frustrations at," Ricky Brant said.

The Brants said they never really leave their car doors unlocked, or the bag behind, but for some reason, they did Tuesday and it was just tempting enough for thieves to grab without realizing everything they were taking.

"The unfortunate part is they'll probably keep the firearm and throw the bag away," Ricky Brant said. "And all I want is the bag." 

The Brants hope someone may spot the bag or even have it and return it so they can get the Bronze Star and Purple Heart pin back.

If you know anything about where they could be, call Murfreesboro Police.

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