Displaced Nolensville Families Struggle To Find New Housing

Displaced Nolensville Families Struggle To Find New Housing

CREATED Jan 15, 2014

by Todd Walker

NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. - The extreme cold that hit Middle Tennessee nearly two weeks ago is still causing issues for people living in Nolensville.

More than a dozen homes suffered severe water damage after their sprinkler systems froze because the pipes were not properly insulated. Those who suffered the worst of the damage have found out just how long they'll be out of their homes.

Several families are having trouble finding a place that can take them for only a few months while repairs are being done.

Jennifer Fox runs a tutoring business out of her home for high school students. Half of her clients can't drive.

Fox said she needs to rent a house somewhere close by to avoid losing more income.

"We could make anything work at this point, temporarily," she said. "I just need a spot that's convenient and in the vicinity of where all my clients are."

Fox and her husband weren't home when their sprinkler system broke, so water ran for hours.

Their contractor said they will be out of their home for three to five months.

Fox and her husband are currently staying in a Residence Inn.

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