Parent Not Surprised By The Arrest Of Janitor Accused Of Peeping

Parent Not Surprised By The Arrest Of Janitor Accused Of Peeping

CREATED Jan 16, 2014

by Chris Cannon

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Victor Alvarado went before a judge in Williamson County on charges he was watching girls from the ceiling of an elementary school restroom.

Alvarado, 48, was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing, but it was continued to January 22, 2014.

Alvarado has been accused of hiding in the ceiling of Scales Elementary School and peering down into a girls' restroom.

The news of the janitor's arrest did not come as a surprise to the parent of one child who attends the Brentwood school.

Last year, Tammy Myers went to the school's principal to file a complaint against Alvarado.

"I just didn't feel it was appropriate for him to be interacting with a second grader that way," Myers said.

She said Alvarado would follow her 9-year-old daughter around, he swept a broom over her feet, sang an inappropriate song to her, and told the child she had a "hot mama."

According to Myers, the principal acted quickly and notified Alvarado's employer, GCA Services, which provides janitorial services for Williamson County Schools.

"She had contacted me and said I spoke to Victor, he apologized, he said he didn't mean anything by it, and he'll stop doing it. And I said great, let's get this written down in case something else comes up in the future," according to Myers.

This school year, Myers said her 3rd grader did mention to her that something was odd at school.

"My daughter commented she didn't use the restroom much there because there were two tiles that were missing over a stall and she thought there was ghosts up there," Myers said.

Police said it was Alvarado in the ceiling, and he has been charged with observation without consent. Myers hopes that charge will be upgraded.

"Where he's going to be listed on a registry, because he's a predator and it's just a matter of time before, if he gets let go, it's just a matter of time before he actually physically hurts a little girl," said Myers.

Last week, another parent confirmed she filed a report against Alvarado in November. He remained in the Williamson County Jail on Wednesday night.

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