Old Hickory Library Reopens After August Flooding

Old Hickory Library Reopens After August Flooding

CREATED Jan 16, 2014

by Shannon Royster

OLD HICKORY, Tenn. - The Old Hickory Library will reopen after severe flooding forced its closure nearly five months ago.

The branch will open its doors on Thursday for the first time since August.

Larry Price, associate director for branch services with the Nashville Public Library, said they didn't want any of their reading materials ruined.

"We immediately arranged for a moving company to come take all books off the shelves," said Price.

Flood waters swept through the mid-state back in August devastating dozens of homes and businesses including the library. Six feet of water submerged the library's basement. It also wiped out all the building's heating and air systems and electrical lines.

After months of hard work, Price said the library now has a new look both upstairs and downstairs. The renovations were possible due to $4-million awarded to the Nashville Public Library system by Metro Council, as part of a larger capital improvement project.

"We've replaced ceilings, and carpets," he said. "We've also done other flooring treatments and painted the walls a nice rich color."

The outside area is still in the process of being completed. Work crews are working on a retaining wall and pump equipment.

"Most of our branches are well beyond the end of life for the paint finishes, carpet, ceilings and things like that," said Price.

The Old Hickory Library Branch was able to restore what it lost, modernize what it had and keep its old school appeal, Price said.

"There aren't too many libraries with this quintessential hometown feel with the wood shelves and so forth," he said.

Price said it's all for the avid reader who still enjoys a good book from the library.

"Based on the number of phone calls over the last five months, I now know that this is an essential community element and something that all members of the Old Hickory community strongly embrace," said Price.

Work on the library's upgrades outside was supposed to be completed by March but they're working ahead of schedule.

If you'd like to see the place for yourself, you're invited to attend the Old Hickory Library Branch's Reopening Celebration Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

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