Nashville's Most Popular Zip Code To Move Into Is 37211

Nashville's Most Popular Zip Code To Move Into Is 37211

CREATED Jan 14, 2014

by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - New statistics show which zip codes in the Nashville metropolitan area are the most popular for people looking for a new home.

WelcomeMAT Services compiled the data and revealed Bellevue 37221 had 251 move-ins per month, Brentwood 37027 had 255 move-ins per month, Franklin 37064 had 257 move-in's per month, and South Nashville 37211 had the most, with 459 move-in's per month.

"The number of people moving each month is just incredible," said Jim Payne with WelcomeMAT Services.

His company provides gift certificates to new families moving into a specific zip code in the metro area.

"So I just help local business reach out to new families, and try to help families find locally owned businesses," Payne explained.

The numbers do not surprise a member of the Nashville Metropolitan Council whose district is partly in the 37211 zip code.

"We have a lot of diversity in housing in this area, so I think that's part of the attraction," according to Council Member Jacobia Dowell.

She said the downtown housing market has made a lot of headlines, but the suburban areas are still popular for families.

"There's a demand for downtown, obviously. But there's also a demand for people living outside downtown, who want to be close to downtown, but still have a suburban feel," Dowell said.

Payne constantly has updated population numbers and he does not see this growing trend slowing down anytime soon.

"We just adjusted our numbers from last year, so on average it's gone up in every zip code that I serve," Payne said.

The New York Times recently named Nashville as one of the "Place To Go In 2014". That type of national publicity over the years has helped Nashville's population numbers increase.

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