Residents Get Chance To Voice Concerns With AMP Project

Residents Get Chance To Voice Concerns With AMP Project

CREATED Jan 14, 2014

By Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A large crowd of people came out Monday night to voice their questions and concerns about the proposed AMP project.

AMP is the bus rapid transit project city leaders want to build on a stretch of roadway from St. Thomas West Hospital, to east Nashville.

Project engineers wanted to hear concerns residents might have about the project coming through their part of the city.

"This is the time to really, kind of, roll up sleeves with people who live and work along the corridor and figure out what's going to help it operate better," said project engineer Steve Goodreau.

Several hundred people came to the East Park Community Center Monday night for the first of four AMP meetings.

Long print-outs of the proposed route covered several tables at the meeting. Residents were able to write their concerns on the maps, or they had the option of filling out comment cards.

"It's a matter of moving some driveways, making some adjustments, we want to make that work," Goodreau said.

Dustin Williams jotted down a suggestion about the AMP route that would be near the East Branch Library in east Nashville.

"I think it would be good, to perhaps, find an alternative route just because it's going to be so crowded there just in the midst of Five Points traffic," Williams said.

There were many supporters of the project at the meeting, but opponents also attended.

Car dealership owner Lee Beaman has been outspoken against the AMP project. He said the rapid bus transit plan will actually increase traffic along the corridor.

"If you just look at the numbers, it's bound to make it a lot worse. I mean, I think it will at particular times of the day, it could double traveling time for people along West End, Harding Road, Broadway," according to Beaman.

There are three more meetings where residents can come out and comment on the AMP project. They include:

  • Tuesday, January 14, 5 p.m., Nashville Downtown Partnership, 150 4th Ave., N., Ste. G-150, 37219
  • Wednesday, January 15, 5:30 p.m., Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation, large conference room, 2565 Park Plaza (near Centennial Park) 37203
  • Thursday, January 16, 5:30 p.m., West End Middle School cafeteria, 3529 West End Avenue

The information compiled from the public meetings will be used to help design the final plans for the AMP project.

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