Clarksville Woman Celebrates 108th Birthday

Clarksville Woman Celebrates 108th Birthday

CREATED Jan 18, 2014

by Marcus Washington

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - She's lived through 19 presidencies, the invention of the modern day television, and two World Wars; today Mamie Johnson turned 108-years-old.

Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" Johnson was born January 13, 1906 in north Nashville, "and north Nashville way back then it was called Germantown," said Johnson.  

She even shared with us probably one of the darkest days in her 108 years - Christmas Day 1941.

"My husband died in a car wreck and I had five children and the youngest wasn't even two years old," said the birthday girl.

Johnson never remarried and her daughter Dot Goad said she never even went on a date after her husband died.

"She was just a good mother. She devoted herself to us. We had a lot of fun times," said Goad.

Dot says her mother was always there to support her children and help them excel.   She says on this day it's simply a blessing.  

"Been blessed with a wonderful mother and we've been blessed, she's had a long life and one of the best blessings about it is she is still able," said Goad.   

Even at 108- years-old, I'm told Johnson makes her bed every morning and pretty much dresses herself.  

We asked if the family has a long line of people living well into their hundreds; so far there have been only two, Mamie and her younger sister who died last summer at the age of 104.  

Even though this is a milestone for Mamie Johnson, she is not the oldest living person here in Tennessee.

Records show the there are two others who are 110 years old as of today.

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